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A Network of Churches

Many houses of worship in Asbury Park have come together to provide emergency, overnight housing from December to March. Download our brochure here to see what we are all about, and to share with your firends.

Churches who are hosting may download the Church Packet. 


A Path to Normal Life

A grassroots effort, the Women’s Hospitality Network is concerned with short term safety, and long-term success.


How You can Help

From spreading the word, to volunteering, to donating, to purchasing supplies, there are easy ways to make a lasting impact.

Our Mission

The Women’s Hospitality Network, a non-profit group that believes housing is a human right, is providing emergency housing for 12 single women experiencing homelessness in the Asbury Park and Neptune area from December through March.

Each night a different house of worship opens its doors to provide a warm, safe place for these women to stay, as well as a hot dinner and breakfast, all through the dedication of local volunteers.

While food and shelter are both donated, there are other costs associated with the operation of this program – approximately $15 per night, per woman – to cover costs of items such as cots, pillows, blankets, and insurance.

We are offering the opportunity for individuals and families to sponsor the housing of these women, who would otherwise be outside during the cold of winter. We are not able to take in any men or children.


Next Steps…

Whether you want to volunteer or support, your help and generosity are greatly appreciated!

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