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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have questions…We have answers.

Who will screen these guests?

Trained screeners will perform background checks for every woman in the program and on the waiting list. Nightly security searches and house rules are strictly enforced. If a guest violates the rules, or does not show up 2 nights in a row, she will lose her spot to someone on the waiting list.

How will volunteers stay safe?

Volunteers will be trained in welcoming guests, and also in de-escalation methods. In addition, Asbury Park and Neptune Police will have a list of host churches.

What happens after the ladies leave?

Our main concern is emergency nightly housing, and we will enlist social workers to help guests re-establish a normal life.

You have questions…We have answers.

Why do you need money?

Food and housing are donated. Funds cover overhead such as cots, pillows, blankets, personal amenities, outreach, & insurance.

How are the funds managed?

A financial committee of 7 people works to raise funds; all checks require 2 signatures; monthly reports will be sent to the point of contact in each participating organization.

What supplies do you need?

Glad you asked! Please call us for the complete list, and to know which items are most urgently needed at the time.